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The Best of West Coast of Sicily

A captivating Sicilian cycling saga — Journey from the charming streets of Castellammare to the pulsating heart of Palermo on a thrilling ride through Sicily.
Starting point
Castellammare del Golfo
Finish point
8 days / 7 nights
Tour type
From: 1,570€/person
Moderate to Challenging
For avid cyclists, comfortable with longer bike tours for multiple consecutive days, sometimes with steep ascents

Start in Castellammare del Golfo, embracing sea vistas and historic charm

Challenge yourself with climbs to Erice and Ragusa, rewarded by breathtaking views and baroque splendour

Indulge in authentic Sicilian cuisine and local wines in quaint towns like Selinunte and Sambuca di Sicilia

Explore the historical layers of Corleone, uncovering stories beyond the Godfather myths

Immerse in the serenity of the Sicani Mountains and the lush Ficuzza forest

Conclude in Palermo, a tapestry of culture, history, and gastronomic wonders

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Welcome to a cycling adventure that weaves through the heart of Sicily, from the coastal allure of Castellammare del Golfo to the vibrant streets of Palermo. This journey is not just about pedalling; it’s an exploration of Sicily’s soul, its undulating landscapes, rich history, and culinary delights.

Our route unfolds along the Sicilian coast, starting from Castellammare del Golfo. Here, the Mediterranean’s azure embrace sets the stage for our adventure. As we pedal through ancient towns like Erice and Ragusa, each climb is rewarded with stunning panoramas and architectural marvels, telling tales of Sicily’s layered past.

The heart of Sicily beckons with its vineyard-dotted countryside. In towns like Selinunte and Sambuca di Sicilia, local wines and traditional cuisine await, offering a taste of the island’s agricultural bounty. As we cycle on, we delve into the historic depths of Corleone, a name etched in popular culture, yet brimming with untold local narratives.

Our journey takes a serene turn through the Sicani Mountains, where nature’s untouched beauty envelops us. The tranquillity of the Ficuzza forest is a refreshing contrast to the rugged landscapes we’ve traversed.

As we approach Palermo, the journey culminates in a crescendo of cultural richness. This city is a mosaic of historical influences, from Arab-Norman architecture to bustling markets like Ballarò and Vucciria. Here, the spirit of Sicily comes alive in every street corner, every plate of street food, and in the warmth of its people.

This cycling tour is more than a physical journey; it’s a voyage through time, taste, and tradition. It’s an invitation to experience Sicily in its most authentic form – on two wheels, with an open heart, and a spirit ready for adventure. Join us for an unforgettable ride across this enchanting island.


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